I have to admit, when I first saw Medium and Svbtle and things like it, I didn't get it. I still don't. I understand that people want to write and get their ideas out there. If I didn't, I'd be a huge hypocrite. But I don't understand the appeal of writing posts with other people, and publishing to the same place in a way that people can sort of swing from post to post, from author to author, as if on monkey bars. Maybe I'm selfish. But if you're here, listening to me, I want you to stay here.

But you can't deny, they look really, really good.

Some Guy's Medium Post

pictured - Some Random Guy's Medium Post

So, I was extremely excited to find Ghostium, by Oswaldo Acauan. It's a really great Ghost theme, looks great copping the Medium style, and most importantly, supports syntax highlighting. I don't know why know exactly why they don't support it, but this plugin doesn't exist yet.

So, the new blog-threads will be around for a while! Looking good. The installation was great, it's nice to have easy partial configuration, and even though having Disqus comments is scary, it'll probably be okay.