HackIllinois 2014 was my first Hackathon ever, and boy was it an experience. It was a lot of fun, and our team was able to make something really neat: the nextWAVE.

the nextWAVE

nextWAVE solves the 'problem' of not knowing how long to microwave your food. We built an Android app that allows you to scan barcodes, and look up cook times in a Firebase Database. The app can be launched using an NFC tag. Then, the app can turn on the microwave via wifi using a Spark Core Microcontroller. While your food is cooking, the cook time is displayed on a Pebble Smartwatch App. Finally, when the food is done cooking, it will open itself and play "Funky Town".

You can view all the source code here and see a video of the working microwave here.



Team Brady Rocks built nextWAVE in 36 hours.

  • Dario Aranguiz - Android App, DB Interaction
  • Kashev Dalmia - Pebble App, Website, Android Layout
  • Brady Salz - Hardware, Hardware, Hardware, Embedded Software
  • Ahmed Suhyl - Embedded Software, Test, Hardware

Special thanks to Isaac DuPree for designing the logo.

EDIT: I wanted to make the video easier to find. Thanks for all the views, folks!

EDIT AGAIN: We've been featured on Hack A Day, which is amazing and Break.com for some reason. We'd like to thank everyone for all the views, all the support, and all the suggestions. We'd especially like to thank Spark, our microcontroller platform, and Firebase, our database platform, from whom we won an Honorable Mention at HackIllinois.

EDIT YET AGAIN: We've now been featured on the Octopart Blog, among other cool hardware projects, and the Firebase Blog, among projects that used the Firebase API. Thanks all!